Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing NETwork aims to promote the adoption of AI by Manufacturing in Europe and leverage the community effort at European level

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AIM-NET involves a balanced and Europe wide team of AI experts and Industry representing the viewpoint of the European Manufacturing community as a “user of AI”. The complementary interests of AIM-NET members cover core aspects of AI in Manufacturing, whereas their joint effort aims to accelerate the advancement of AI solutions towards their adoption by European industry.

In this view, AIM-NET will be active in several areas in order to deal with currently observed barriers including among others the definition of challenges and KPIs, definition of Roadmap for AI uptake, and attraction of talent in AI for manufacturing.

AIM-NET Approach

The impact of AI on manufacturing has been demonstrated in several industrial cases however its full potential remains unexploited. AIM-NET studies the impact of AI in manufacturing so far and develops the roadmap for the future of AI in manufacturing based on a three-layers approach. Each level differs from the rest in terms of decision-making type with the Manufacturing Systems level requiring strategic decisions, the Manufacturing Workstations level requiring operational decisions, and the Manufacturing Processes level requiring detailed decisions, but also in terms of industry requirements, available technology, and beneficial applications of AI.



AIM-NET is a pan-European collaborative network of organizations who work together to identify challenges and opportunities in order to promote the widespread adoption of AI in the manufacturing sector. Through their collective efforts, AIM-NET aims to advance the understanding, development, and implementation of AI technologies in industrial context and foster transformative innovation and sustainable manufacturing systems.